About WolfBeacon

Our organization provides a service with no physical products except for a physical server. We are a power-decentralized organization that is growing fast but is still in the early stages of our development.

Competitive Edge

Our competitive edge is our structure of hackers. Instead of employees we treat everyone on the same level with no restrictions between communication of other projects. With an open environment it not only feels like they are contributing to the subset that they are working on but also contributing to the project as a whole. Also there is no other company or organization that has created such a platform for both organizers and hackers on our scale. With communication skills and an inclusive environment being the main priority, progress can be made easily and efficiently with input from a racially diverse team located around the world.

People who participate in hackathons know how difficult it can be to find the right one to participate in. By creating an all in one application that would eliminate endless Facebook and Google searching, it saves time for everyone thus ensuring the hacker has the most amount of fun.

Hackathon promoters should have the incentive to use this app due to free advertising. This can give them a significant advantage in recruiting new hackers and sponsors thereby creating a larger hackathon experience.

Primary Goal

Our primary goal is to make hackathons more accessible by creating a mobile ecosystem while helping organizers organize a hackathon much easier. Contacting as many hackathon organizers as possible and growing relationships is a huge priority.